Quick Thought | Against the Market

After that bizzare press conference yesterday, which was by design meant to take the focus off Russia and place it on the media, Trump held a photo opp with miners after signing an EA to expand oil and coal exploration. Miners in gear from West Virginia were paraded into the Oval Office in front of cameras to expose their love for Trump after his insisting. They were props. “How did I do in your county?” he beamed. “Oh you did great!”

Trump is always selling, that’s why he is so sensitive to criticism– it’s a review of his product. And as long as his supporters buy, he will promise a fantastic product that he cannot deliver. The market has indicated fossil fuels aren’t the future. It’s cruel that he would lead these supporters to think otherwise. West Virginia could use more healthcare, education, infrastructure. Not props and empty promises.

2.8 Trillion dollar bet against fossil fuels

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